Tandem Jumps

During the jump you will be attached to a tandem pilot guiding you through everything necessary so that you can enjoy it without worries.


0903 473 259 | info@tjump.sk

In case of technical issues with video or photos the fee for these photos or video will be refunded.


  • 20 minutes of preparation + briefing before the jump
  • 15 to 20 minutes plane flight
  • Altitude 3000 meters - airport Dubová pri Modre
  • Free fall from 30 to 55 seconds depending on the weight of passenger
  • Free fall speed around 200 km/h
  • Deployment altitude of the main pilot chute is 1500 m above the air strip
  • Flying under parachute (you can try to fly it)
  • Safe landing
  • Jump Certificateu


Minimum age 8 years and height exceeding 120 cm.


You have to comply with the weight limit. Women up to 90 kg and men up to 100 kg. Passengers exceeding the weight limit only upon a prior phone agreement.


It is not possible to jump for pregnant women, people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, epilepsy and mental disorders.


Good weather is required for skydiving. In case of bad weather we will provide you with an alternative date.


We only accept cash and wire transfer. It is not possible to pay with credit cards or in foreign currency.


It is necessary to arrive on the air strip on time. Please plan a time reserve for the jump. It is possible that you will spend more time on the air strip due to airspace restriction or bad weather.


You have to book your jump date. We always try do accommodate every customer, but it is not possible to guarantee a jump if you haven’t booked your date. You should do this 4-5 days in advance by phone or email.


No tandem passenger is allowed to consume any drugs or alcohol. This is strictly checked. The check may be performed by a tandem pilot, DZ manifestor and aviation authority.

  • Professional video is captured in HD resolution + PHOTO FREE.
  • Handy-cam is not suitable for passengers higher than 180cm and weight over 90kgs. .
  • Edited video will be send to you via post service on USB stick.